Terms of Use

1. Terms of Use
  • 1.1 These terms of use ("Terms") are an agreement between you and Workammo Global Limited ("we", "us", "our" or "CareerLine"). All consents, warranties, releases and indemnities provided by you in these Terms are given in favour of CareerLine and each related entity of CareerLine, including any wholly-owned subsidiary of CareerLine, any holding company of CareerLine, any other subsidiary of such holding company, and any company in which CareerLine has a shareholding interest (together, the "CareerLine Group").
  • 1.2 These Terms govern the relationship between you and CareerLine and your use of any part of the CareerLine website (the "Site"), which you may access in several ways, including but not limited to the web, PDAs, mobile phones and RSS feeds and whether accessed directly through the Site or via any third party website.
  • 1.3 By accessing, using and/or downloading the Site you are entering a legally binding agreement with Workammo Global Limited, Shakespeare House, 42 Newmarket Road, Cambridge, United Kingdom, CB5 8EP and you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these Terms as they exist at the time of use, as well as the manner in which CareerLine operates. If you do not agree to any of these Terms, please do not use the Site or any associated CareerLine information or services.
2. Content and Information You Provide
  • 2.1 You warrant that you own all of the content and information you provide to the Site and, by uploading content to the Site, you grant CareerLine a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide, unlimited and transferable right and licence to use that content in any way (including, without limitation, by reproducing, commercialising, amending, and communicating such content).
  • 2.2 You must not add any content to the Site:
    • (a) unless you hold all necessary rights, licences and consents to do so;
    • (b) that is or could reasonably be considered to be obscene, inappropriate, defamatory, disparaging, indecent, seditious, offensive, pornographic, threatening, abusive, liable to incite racial hatred, discriminatory, blasphemous, in breach of confidence or in breach of privacy;
    • (c) which is commercial in nature but has not been expressly approved by CareerLine (i.e. Spam);
    • (d) that would cause you or CareerLine to breach any law, regulation, rule, code or other legal obligation or that would bring CareerLine and/or the Site into disrepute;
    • (e) which contains a virus or other malicious code; or
    • (f) which infringes the Intellectual Property Rights or other rights of any person. For the purposes of these Terms, “Intellectual Property Rights” means all present and future intellectual property rights subsisting or capable of subsisting or being obtained under statute, common law or equity, including under legislation dealing with copyright, circuit layouts, designs, patents, plant varieties or trade marks, and whether in the UK or abroad.
  • 2.3 You consent to any act or omission which would otherwise constitute an infringement of your moral rights in relation to any content you provide to the Site, and if you add any content in which any third party has moral rights, you must also ensure that the third party also consents in the same manner.
  • 2.4 You must not use or launch any automated system, including without limitation, “robots”, “spiders”, “offline readers” or similar, that accesses the Site in a manner that sends more request messages to the CareerLine servers than a human can reasonably produce in the same period of time by using a conventional on-line web browser.
  • 2.5 Subject to 2.7, all content and information which you publish on the Site becomes public information which you expressly acknowledge may be accessed and used by anyone for any purpose.
  • 2.6 CareerLine Site administrators reserve the right to not use content you submit as well as delete content you provide to the Site, without providing notice to you.
  • 2.7 You acknowledge that all content and information that you provide to the Site (including without limitation personal and payment information) will be processed and stored in accordance with CareerLine’s Data Protection Policy, as amended from time to time.
  • 2.8 You acknowledge that you are not entitled to any compensation or reimbursement of any kind from CareerLine for content or information which you provide to the Site, under any circumstances.
3. Account and Site Security
  • 3.1 In order to access certain parts of the Site, you must register on the Site and create a user account (“User Account").
  • 3.2 Multiple User Accounts are not permitted for any individual and entity and we reserve the right to immediately cancel any User Accounts which we reasonably suspect are in breach of this provision.
  • 3.3 You must provide accurate and complete information at all times when using and accessing the Site, including (without limitation) when creating your User Account.
  • 3.4 You must not use the Site for any purpose or in any way which is unlawful.
  • 3.5 Without limiting any other provision in these Terms, you agree not to:
    • (a) collect or harvest any information from which it is possible to ascertain the identity of an individual (including account names) from the Site;
    • (b) use the Site for any commercial or solicitation purposes or to send unsolicited bulk messages;
    • (c) use another User Account without the permission of the owner of that User Account;
    • (d) create a User Account for any other person without that person’s permission;
    • (e) impersonate another individual or entity or create a false identity;
    • (f) misrepresent your affiliation with, or authority to act on behalf of, another individual or entity;
    • (g) conceal or falsify the source of content which you post to the Site; or
    • (h) gain or attempt to gain unauthorised access, whether through hacking, password mining or any other means, to:
      • (i) the Site;
      • (ii) any computer system, network or third party sites linked to the Site; or
      • (iii) other User Accounts,
  • 3.6 If you become aware that a user of the Site is in breach of these Terms, you must contact us with adequate details of the relevant user.
  • 3.7 You are only eligible to use the Site if you are 13 years of age or older. Any registration, use or access to the Site by any person under 13 years is unauthorised, unlicensed, and in breach of these Terms. However, if any relevant law requires that you be older than 13 years of age in order for CareerLine to lawfully provide you with access to the Site and the services offered through the Site, then you will be ineligible to use the Site until you reach such older age.
  • 3.8 You are solely responsible for the activity that occurs on your account and you must keep your account password secure. You must notify us immediately of any breach of security or unauthorised use of your account.
  • 3.9 If your User Account is disabled by us, you must not create another User Account without our prior consent.
  • 3.10 The Site contains links to third party sites as well as content added by users other than CareerLine. The appearance of those links on the Site does not indicate a relationship between CareerLine and that third party or any endorsement by CareerLine of that third party, its Site or the products or services which it is advertising on the Site. Your access of other users’ and third parties’ content and information is at your own risk. CareerLine does not endorse, sponsor or approve any user generated content or any content available on any linked website.
  • 3.11 You acknowledge and agree that CareerLine:
    • (a) retains complete editorial control over the Site and may alter, amend or cease the operation of the Site at any time in its sole discretion;
    • (b) reserves the right to delete any material which it reasonably believes is in breach of these Terms; and
    • (c) may operate the Site on a non-continuous basis, and the Site may be unavailable from time to time (including for maintenance purposes).
  • 3.12 CareerLine reserves the right to refuse to provide Site access to any user that fails to comply with these Terms, as determined by us in our absolute discretion.
4. Third Parties
  • 4.1 You acknowledge that we may engage third party contractors from time to time to assist with the provision of the Site or with the repairs, maintenance or further development to the Site, and you authorise our use of any third party contractors in connection with services provided in relation to the Site.
  • 4.2 Third party services providers may gain access to the information that you have disclosed to us in your User Account, however we will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that any such information is not collected by a third party contractor for use outside of providing services to us.
5. Payments
  • 5.1 Use of the CareerLine service is free. However, from time to time links may be made available from the Site to third party websites where certain products or services are available for purchase. You acknowledge that the appearance of those links on the Site does not indicate any assumption of responsibility or liability by CareerLine for the acts of that third party, and you agree to hold harmless CareerLine from and against any and all claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs or debt and expenses (including legal costs) arising out of any purchases made through such third party websites.
  • 5.2 Where you purchase a product or service from a third party website linked to the Site, you acknowledge that such purchases will be governed by that third party’s payment terms and conditions.
6. Warranties
  • 6.1 You represent and warrant to us that:
    • (a) you have the legal capacity to enter into and be bound by these Terms;
    • (b) you have complied with paragraphs 2 and 3; and
    • (c) you have all necessary rights to grant the licences and consents set out in paragraphs 2.1, 2.2(a) and 2.3.
  • 6.2 The Site is provided by us on an "as is" and "as available" basis and we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the operation of the Site, its security or the results that may be obtained from the use of the Site.
7. Disclaimer
  • 7.1 To the full extent permitted by law, we exclude all liability in respect of loss of data, interruption of business, identity theft, malfunctioning or any consequential or incidental damages arising out of or in connection with your use of the Site.
  • 7.2 We do not guarantee that unauthorised third parties will be unable to access your personal information or content that you post or that they will be unable to use your personal information and content for improper, unauthorised or unlawful purposes. You provide your personal information to us entirely at your own risk.
  • 7.3 We do not guarantee that the Site will always be secure, error-free or safe.
  • 7.4 To the full extent permitted by law, we exclude all representations, warranties or terms (whether express or implied) other than those expressly set out in these Terms.
  • 7.5 We will not be responsible for any opinions, views, advice or statements posted on the Site.
8. Indemnity and Release
  • 8.1 You agree to indemnify and hold harmless CareerLine and its contractors, agents, employees, officers and directors, together with each other member of the CareerLine Group, from and against any and all claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs or debt, and expenses (including legal costs) arising out of or in connection with:
    • (a) your use of the Site;
    • (b) a breach of these Terms by you (including without limitation a breach of warranty or any third-party rights);
    • (c) a breach by you of any law;
    • (d) any claim loss or damage arising by reason of the use of any content you provide; or
    • (e) any other party’s access and use of the Site with your unique username, password or other security code.
9. Termination
  • 9.1 Without limiting any other provision in these Terms, you acknowledge that we may permanently or temporarily terminate, suspend or otherwise refuse to permit your access to the Site without notice or any liability if you breach any provision in these Terms, as determined by us in our absolute discretion.
  • 9.2 You may delete or disable your User Account at anytime, subject to these Terms.
  • 9.3 Clauses 2.1, 2.3, 2.8, 6, 7, 8, 9.3, 10, 11.1 and 11.4 survive any termination of these Terms.
10. Dispute Resolution
  • 10.1 Subject to clause 10.2, these Terms or any claim, cause of action or dispute ("Claim") arising out of or related to these Terms, shall be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United Kingdom.
  • 10.2 For any Claim (excluding Claims for injunctive or other equitable relief) where the total amount of the award sought is less than US$10,000 and a party elects to resolve the dispute through arbitration, the dispute shall be referred for resolution by arbitration through an alternative dispute resolution ("ADR") provider mutually agreed upon by the parties. The ADR provider and the parties must comply with the following rules:
    • (a) the arbitration shall be conducted by telephone, online and/or be solely based on written submissions;
    • (b) the arbitration shall be conducted in English;
    • (c) the arbitration shall not involve any personal appearance by the parties or witnesses unless otherwise mutually agreed by the parties; and
    • (d) any judgment rendered by the arbitrator shall be final and may be entered in any court of competent jurisdiction.
11. General
  • 11.1 You acknowledge and agree that all content on the Site in which Intellectual Property Rights subsist belongs to CareerLine or its licensors, advertisers and affiliates, including without limitation, software, images, text, graphics, illustrations, logos, patents, trademarks, service marks, copyrights, photographs, audio, videos and music. Nothing in these Terms shall be deemed to afford you any proprietary rights in or under CareerLine‘s Intellectual Property Rights.
  • 11.2 In the event that these Terms have been translated, you acknowledge and agree that these Terms were drafted in English and where the translated version of these Terms is inconsistent with the English version, the English version shall take precedence.
  • 11.3 CareerLine reserves the right to modify, supplement, or replace these Terms. Any modified, supplementary, or replacement Terms ("Amendments") shall be effective upon posting on the Site or notifying you otherwise. Your continued use of the Site shall be a deemed acceptance of such Amendments.
  • 11.4 You must not transfer any of your rights or obligations under these Terms without our prior written consent. You acknowledge and agree that we may assign, transfer or sub-licence our rights and obligations under these Terms.
  • 11.5 Any failure to act with respect to a breach of these Terms by you or others does not constitute a waiver of our right to act with respect to that breach or subsequent similar or other breaches.
  • 11.6 If a provision of these Terms are invalid or unenforceable it is to be read down or severed to the extent necessary without affecting the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions.
  • 11.7 These Terms constitute the entire agreement between you and CareerLine and supersede all prior commitments, undertakings or representations, whether written or oral, between you and CareerLine with respect to your use of the Site. Notwithstanding, you may be subject to additional terms and conditions that may apply when you use or purchase other services, products or software in connection with CareerLine and/or the Site.

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