Online career management platform launched
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The Economic Times
No matter who you are - take control of building your career with CareerLine
Say hello to CareerLine, your very own career toolbox.

The Economic Times
No matter who you are - take control of building your career with CareerLine

In a bid to widen the pool of employable talent in the market, HR firm WorkAmmo has introduced a career management solution, CareerLine. Aimed at people over the age of 13, the platform allows you to build your resume online and provides assistance in managing your career, irrespective of what stage you are it. WorkAmmo founder Richard Cowley was in India recently, and he told ET that at present the company has done a soft launch of the tool for the IT sector, and would soon roll it out to pharma companies. “IT sees attrition rates of about 27% and pharma, 36% in India. This is like a ‘dropbox’ for careers which enables you build your career portfolio online,” he says.

The long term aim, he says, is to improve the quality of talent entering the workforce and enable individuals to take charge of their own careers. Estimates show that by 2030, a quarter of the global working population will comprise Indians, which means that there will be increased demand not just in India but worldwide. At the same time, the unemployment numbers remain high. In addition to providing a space to collate all their work experience and related certificates, documents etc, this platform will also provide access to an evolving suite of career management, learning and development tools which would help people achieve their career aspirations.

Founded in 2014, WorkAmmo was set up with an aim to disrupt the career and HR market through discontinuous innovations.

This coverage appeared in The Economic Times.

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